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Shelf Life

Shelf Life Determination

Determining the shelf-life of a product provides valuable information to establish “best if used by”, “use by” and/or expiration dates. The data can also be extremely helpful during the Research and Development process to assist in determining proper packaging, storage conditions, preservative systems and formulation.

Q Laboratories can execute a shelf-life study for your product(s), designed to meet your needs and the specifications of your product. If you know the parameters you want for your study we can perform the study exactly to your specifications. If you need help designing the study, our analysts can work with you to design a study appropriate to your product. The shelf-life study design process involves determining the following parameters: Storage temperature, time-points for testing, testing to be performed and expected shelf-life of the product. If you know any of these parameters, we can help you “fill in the blanks” to complete the design of your study. If you do not know any parameters, that is ok as well, as our analysts have experience designing studies for a myriad of product types.

Q Laboratories can accommodate multiple storage temperatures for your products including ambient (room temperature), refrigerated (various temperature ranges) and frozen. Some products are even eligible for accelerated shelf-life storage where they are stored at higher temperatures to achieve shelf-life data more quickly. Please consult with a Q Laboratories, Inc. analyst to determine if your product(s) are eligible for accelerated testing. Be advised that regulatory guidelines require a real-time study to accompany any accelerated study to confirm the data achieved by the accelerated study.

If you need shelf-life testing for your product(s) please CLICK HERE and fill out as much information as you have and we can work with you to provide a price quote for your study.