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Analytical Research and
Development Laboratory Services

Analytical Research and Development Laboratory Services

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We offer versatile, dynamic, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Services for a wide range of applications. Whether you have a product that needs a method or a method that needs to be validated for a new product, our Chemists can design and execute a study in a cost-efficient, time-sensitive manner.

  • Method Development
  • Method Validation
  • Method Verification
  • Method Transfer
  • USP Equivalency Studies

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Services

Your ultimate goal as a manufacturer is to sell products. The most effective way to sell products is to have the most conclusive, comprehensive information about those products. That is where the Q Laboratories Analytical Chemistry Laboratory comes in. We can verify the purity of your raw materials and also provide you with a nutritional breakdown of your ingredients and finished products and determine the levels of many commonly used preservatives.

We can use compendial methods, methods provided by you, or methods developed and validated in our Analytical Research and Development Laboratory to determine the levels of specific materials in your products. We can demonstrate that your products do not contain prohibited levels of metals and other potentially harmful substances

We utilize a variety of analytical instrumentation to provide you with data to both verify the quality of your products and help you research and develop better products.

Contact a Q Laboratories analytical chemistry analyst today to see how we can help you maintain the level of excellence you demand for your products.