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Food Safety Overview

Exceptional Laboratory Services for Food Safety

Q Laboratories stands on the front lines in the battle against foodborne illness and remains committed to reducing the occurrence of sickness, hospitalization, and death from contaminated food. 

How can we accomplish this goal?

By providing food establishments around the world with exceptional laboratory services to assure the products they manufacture are safe and of the highest quality; by offering the latest technology utilized by highly trained analysts to provide accurate results, our clients can trust. Our scientists realize the stakes are high, and they are determined to produce results that meet the highest standards.

Whether it is confirming the food production and handling areas are sanitary through environmental monitoring, or determining the shelf-life of a product through expertly designed and executed studies, our services provide valuable information to food producers.

Food Safety is only possible through the assiduous examination of products, components, and facilities. A myriad of contaminants can infect food, making it unsafe for consumers. Food manufacturers need a partner lab that can screen for multiple adulterants in a precise timeframe.

Q Laboratories operates microbiology and analytical chemistry labs offering food producers a one-stop-shop for their food safety and quality control needs.

Services include microbial enumeration, nutritional analysis, challenge studies, microbial identification, rapid pathogen detection, raw material qualification, fit-for-use studies, and allergen screening.

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