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Raw Material
Testing Services

• Experience with Hundreds of Raw Materials
• Full USP Monograph Testing
• Laboratory Testing for Personal Care, OTC, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemicals

Q Labs Is A Full-Service Testing Laboratory With A Wide Range Of Services For Raw Materials Testing

Whether verifying existing raw materials, qualifying new suppliers or ingredients, it is best practice to ensure that all raw materials are tested prior to their use in production. Raw material testing services from accredited laboratories provide confidence that the materials used in the manufacturing of finished goods are suitable and safe for their intended purposes. 

At Q Laboratories, we are experts at testing raw materials for a variety of industries and applications using a multitude of test methods. We have deep experience working with the ingredients used to manufacture OTC, health and beauty, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Our range of services include both analytical and microbiological testing capabilities.

Our experience with a wide range of materials and test methods allows us to holistically support our clients’ testing needs. We have a proven track record of providing fast, accurate and reliable results utilizing multiple compendial test methods such as USP/NF, ISO, AOAC, EP ASTM.

Raw Material Testing Services Include:

As an independent contract laboratory, Q Labs is committed to helping our clients achieve and maintain the highest level of quality you need for your products. We are FDA registered, ISO accredited and cGMP/GLP compliant. We have served the OTC, personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for over 50 years. Moreover, Q Laboratories matches its testing expertise with best-in-industry customer support and service.

Scientifically Accurate Results, Exceptional Customer Service

Q Laboratories has 55 years of experience helping our clients to ensure the quality and safety of their products. Our team of analysts, scientific consultants, and customer service representatives are ready to provide you with accurate results you can trust and understand. 


Analytical Chemistry

As a manufacturer, your goal is to sell products that meet the highest quality standards and customer expectations.  As your testing partner, Q Labs is here to support your business and your testing needs through our analytical testing capabilities. We commonly perform a range of cGMP chemistry tests that require HPLC, GC, or titration techniques. Other common tests include, but are not limited to, assay, dissolution, disintegration, viscosity, TOC, water activity, elemental analysis and many more.  We also perform method development & validation as well as method verification and method transfer on a variety of product types. Visit our GMP Chemistry page.


Q Laboratories offers a broad range of microbiology testing services. We commonly assist manufacturers and formulators with microbial limits, objectionable organism and preservative system testing. Our team of highly trained and experienced microbiologists provide fast, and accurate results with context.  Our Micro service offering includes, preservative efficacy testing (PET, AET), microbial enumeration tests, specified organism testing, stability studies, Endotoxin analysis, and microbial identification.  

Whether your company is big or small, established or just getting started, contact us today and experience what Q can do for you!

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