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Legionella Testing Services

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Q Labs, A Trusted Name In Legionella Testing

Established in 1966, Q Laboratories has over 50-years of experience within the water testing industry. Today, from our state-of-the-art 33,000 sq/ft. laboratory, we specialize in providing both cultural and rapid detection test methods for Legionella, connecting the most current technology to the water treatment industry.

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“Comparative Evaluation Of Three Modern PCR Methods For Quantitative And Qualitative Analysis Of Legionella spp. For Routine Monitoring Of Premise Water System Samples.”

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What is the CDC ELITE Program?

  • This acronym stands for the Centers for Disease Control Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation. The program allows for laboratories to test their Legionella isolation techniques against a set of standardized samples. The labs that correctly identify Legionella in 2 consecutive panels receive documentation for passing the proficiency test. Since 2013, Q Laboratories has been continuously recognized as a CDC ELITE Certified laboratory.
  • Q Laboratories is also recognized by AOAC, MicroVal, and AFNOR with ‘Expert Lab’ status.

Rapid Legionella Test Offerings


  • Quantification of live Legionella spp., L. pneumophila SG-1, L. pneumophila SG 2-15.
  • Results delivered the next day!

Cultural Method

  • Rapid identification via Bruker Maldi-TOF technology included
  • Allows for confirmation of Legionella recovery with speed and confidence, eliminating analyst variability
  • Accurate, reliable results delivered within 7-10 business days


  • Qualitative method confirming presence or absence of Legionella spp.
  • Limit of Detection – 10 CFU/L
  • Results delivered within 2-3 business days

The Future of Water Testing:

A conversation outlining the need to provide standards to drive improvement in analysis of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. Moderated by Erin Crowley – CSO, Q Laboratories.

Added Q Labs Benefits

  • Lab open 7 days
  • Same day test initiation
  • Weekend sample receipts
  • Legionella test kit bottles and boxes available
  • Convenient shipping of samples and supplies
  • Regional courier service, sample drop-off and sample pick-up

Compare Q Laboratories to the Industry Standard

Legionella Comparison Chart

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As a leading provider of legionella testing services,
we are proud to be a member of AWT. 
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