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Since 1966, Q Laboratories has offered comprehensive microbiology, analytical chemistry, and research and development laboratory services. Offering and providing over 50-years of certified water and Legionella Testing, Q Laboratories is uniquely positioned to aid and assist with all Legionella detection and testing. Connect with us to learn more about the variety of culture methods (both CDC and ISO 11731), and the rapid method technologies that Q Laboratories has expertise in offering!

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CDC ELITE Certified

What is the CDC Elite Program?

  • Since 2013, Q Laboratories has proudly earned the recognition of being a CDC Elite Certified laboratory. Why is this important? Because few labs have such a prestigious honor, and twice a year Q Laboratories is trialed and tested by the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, by receiving test samples – some of which are Legionella negative, others positive – and participating labs must then test the samples and report their results. The labs that report the Legionella results correctly, then receive documentation for the 2-consecuative panels for passing the proficiency test.
  • Q Laboratories also holds approvals from AOAC, MicroVal, and AFNOR, as an ‘Expert Lab’

Tailored Legionella Testing Solutions

Rapid Method Testing

  • Identify and distinguish Legionella contamination quickly and efficiently – utilizing cutting-edge, new technology to count live – not dead – Legionella!
  • Immediate culture isolate confirmation (Q Laboratories offers in-house, rapid Legionella ID)
  • Accurate, reliable results delivered within 2-3 business days!

Traditional Testing Methods

  • Traditional Legionella culture methods performed daily
  • Decades of experience conducting cultural and traditional testing methods
  • Accurate, reliable results delivered within 7-10 business days!

Have a unique testing method request? Ask Q Laboratories, and Experience What Q Can Do for You!

How Often Does Legionella Testing Need To Be Done?

According to the CDC, the minimum recommended amount of Legionella Testing performed per year, is every 3-months, or in 3-month intervals. If initial testing produces positive Legionella, testing should be increased and routine testing should be incorporated to monitor and control future Legionella contamination.  More information can be found here on the CDC website.

Whether you’re seeking routine Legionella Testing, or if you’re testing for your very first time, Q Laboratories can help!
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Experience What Q Can Do for You!

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