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Q Laboratories, Inc. Now Offers 3-day Yeast and Mold Results


Q Laboratories, Inc. is excited to offer our clients faster turn-around times for their Yeast and Mold testing. Utilizing the Biomerieux TEMPO® YM Assay, results that used to take five days can now be turned around in three.  TEMPO® YM is an official AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Method for numerous matrices including, cheese, yogurt, almonds, apple juice and various dry ingredients. If your product(s) have not been validated on the TEMPO® YM, Q Laboratories, Inc. can perform a brief validation study to demonstrate proficiency of the assay for your particular product type(s). The TEMPO® YM provides a total yeast and mold count and cannot differentiate between the yeast and mold individual counts. Call Q Laboratories, Inc. today to discover how this innovative technology can be utilized to get your products and raw materials tested and out the door quicker than ever before.

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