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Challenge Study

Microbiological Challenge Study

Microbiological challenge testing has been and continues to be a useful tool for determining the ability of a food to support the growth of spoilage organisms or pathogens. Microbiological challenge tests also play an important role in the validation of processes that are intended to deliver some degree of lethality against a target organism or group of target organisms.

Designing an effective Challenge Study for your product(s) can be a complex and confusing process. Determining the appropriate storage conditions, organisms, and test points are keys to constructing a validation study that provides usable data for the assessment and development of your products and your processes. Valuable information gained from a Challenge Study may include the effectiveness of preservatives and/or preservative ingredients, the appropriateness of a processing protocol, optimum storage conditions or package design for products and which formulation is best able to withstand low level contamination.

The Microbiology R&D Team at Q Laboratories, Inc., can help you design a Microbiological Challenge Study based on relevant factors for each of your products that can provide valuable data on stability, safety and quality of products. We can provide guidance in determining the proper parameters of the study such as inoculation levels, duration, number of analyses, storage conditions as well as assistance with data interpretation or trend analysis after the study is completed.

Challenge Studies performed at Q Laboratories, Inc., are designed based on the guidelines outlined in the guidance document, National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods (NACMCF) Parameters for Determining Inoculated Pack/Challenge Study Protocols: Adopted March 2009.

Whether you have determined all of the parameters, none of the parameters or somewhere in between, Q Laboratories can help you finish the design (if necessary) and execute the study in a cost-efficient, timely manner.

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